Non-Contact Infrared forehead Thermometer GP-300

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No Contact: Guarantees the best hygiene, greatly reduces the risk operator of being infected  by bacteria and viruses

Efficient and Accurate: Simple operations and sensitive and accurate measurements in no time

Best Infrared Sensor: Self Developed infrared module accurate to 0.2-degree celsius, stable fast and accurate strong adaptability, 5.5um infrared filter wide measurement range.

Smart Power Saving: Supports automatic shutdown.2x1.5 V,AAA batteries can be used for more than 3000 times.

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Display 2-colors backlight
Measurement Methods Contactless (Non-contact)
Automatic Shutdown Function 15 seconds
Temperature Unit °c or °F
Measuring Range Body:35.0°c-42.0°c (95.0°F-107.9°F)
Surface:0.0°c-100.0°c (32.0°F-212.0°F)
Measurement Accuracy ±0.3°c/0.6°F
Resolution 0.1°c/0.1°F
Effective Distance 3-5cm
Response Time 1s
Induction Wavelength 7-14um
Best Working Conditions 10°c-40°c (50°F-104°F)
Rh<80% Non-condensing
Power Supply 2x1.5V AAA
Power Consumption Off state<=10uA
Working state<=30mA
Low Battery Indication Voltage<=2.5V
Battery Life (alkaline batteries) 12 hours
Transportation and Storage -20°c-60°c
Relative Humidity 10-95%RH non-condensing
Record Number 10
Size 150X96X43mm
Weight 110g
Package Accessories User manual, Certificate of Conformity
After-Sales-Service 1 Year Warranty
Quality Management System GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015
Environmental Management System ISO1400-12015
Transportation and Storage -20°c-55°c
Relative Humidity <=93%
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